Before you continue, ask yourself these questions:
1) Is price your only issue?
2) Is price the only thing you're concerned about?
3) If you have a price, how did you come up with that price?

Now, consider these:
  • What are your completion requirements?
  • Is the final product important to you and why?
  • What about quality and craftsmanship?
    • Are you looking for the best possible quality at a reasonable price?
  • Have you given any thought to warranty, guarantee, and follow-up? We stand by our construction services with a full one year warranty on parts and labor.
  • Have you ever dealt with contractors before and what kind or problems did you experience?
  • Let's not forget payment terms. Our payment terms are:
    • $1000 or 10% upon signing of contract, whichever is least
    • 40% upon delivery of all materials
    • 40% upon final installation
    • 10% at power-up
  • And because I value you as a client, you'll always have my direct phone number.

From initial consultation to installation to monitoring/maintenance of an installed system, we leave nothing out.

Design Consultation
Review of existing energy usage, suggestions as to how to save energy, final design.
First hour - no charge to client


Installation of the final package
$Call for package prices of components only

Other Reasons to Call Peninsula Solar

  • Letters of commendation
  • Two generations of service
  • A commitment to the communities and people we work for